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Metal Refinishing & Maintenance

Upgrade Services provides expert metal maintenance cleaning and refinishing for entry ways, facades, elevators, window frames and signage that contain stainless steel, bronze, aluminum and other decorative metal. Upgrade services for metal maintenance cleaning and refinishing include:

Maintenance Programs

Maintenance of all metal surfaces
Polishing, re-graining of all metals
Repairs and field refinishing
Metallic coatings and sealants
Scratch removal
Cleaning, refinishing, oxidizing
Vandalism repair
Metal fabrication and installation

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Stone & Marble Restoration & Maintenance

Upgrade’s experienced team of stone and marble craftsman provides the highest standard of excellence for all restorations. We use the most up to date equipment, products and procedures to insure the best results for stone and marble restoration. Revitalizing stone surfaces to its natural beauty and aesthetic appeal is Upgrade’s promise. Upgrade Services provides expert solutions for all stone surfaces. Upgrade Services can clean, restore, polish, and maintain the natural beauty of stone, granite and marble surfaces.

Maintenance Programs Available

Stone Surfaces


Surface Solutions

Chip Repair
Scratch Removal
Stain Removal

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Upgrade Services Wood Refinishing & Maintenance

With our expert craftsmen, Upgrade Services provides unmatched results in the wood refinishing industry. With years of experience with floors, walls, and conference tables, we are able to consistently provide five star results. Our procedures and attention to detail exceeds all customer expectations. Our expert team of craftsmen use the most beneficial procedures to clean, restore, polish and maintain the natural beauty of all your wood surfaces.

Upgrade’s expert craftsmen are highly experienced in working with all different textures and colors of wood. Some of the woods we work with are Oak, Bamboo, Pine, Exotic, Maple etc. Our expert craftsmen are very precise with the details and structure of the wood. Wood although beautiful, must be preserved in order to maintain its natural beauty. As time goes by, wood becomes dull, scratches occur and the veneer peels. That is why it is crucial for us to maintain service consistently. Our expert craftsmen will keep the rich architectural mill work at all of your facilities preserved and well maintained. Depending on what treatment the wood surface may require, our technicians will clean, polish, touch up, repair, and recondition the wood.

Maintenance Programs Available

Wood Surfaces

Walnut & Teak

Wood Solutions

Maintenance and Cleaning
Restoration and Repairs
Wood Refinishing
Wood Fabrication

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Maintenance Program

Once your wood or metal has been refinished or your stone and marble has been restored, Upgrade Services offers a maintenance program designed to keep your façade surfaces looking good. Monthly, quarterly and yearly maintenance programs are available. Free mock up available upon request. Call (646) 664-4321 to learn more.