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Tile and Grout Restoration

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The Experts in Tile and Grout Restoration

  • Cost Effective
  • New and radiant appearance
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Long lasting results
  • Prevents tile replacement
  • Extends the life of tiles
  • Sanitization
Tile cleaning industrial degreasers.
Gradiant Shield

What Gradiant Shield
Can do for you:

Clean tired, old, dirty tile and grout
on floors and walls

Saving you costly replacement.

Your floors and walls will look like new!

Gradiant Shield
Service Areas

Commercial Buildings
Health Care
Shopping Malls
Fitness Industry

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We believe that constant communication and dissemination of information, regarding both progress and obstacles, is the key to a successful partnership with our clients. We firmly believe that when we are contracted as an expert service provider, it is our duty and responsibility to make sure that we handle every phase of management: on-site customer relations, scheduling, safety oversight, and of course, the work performance of our courteous and knowledgeable personnel. Our goal is to elevate the standard of service throughout the industry.

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Gradiant Shield

No headache, no hassle. Let us work while the city sleeps.

Eco-Friendly & Cost Effective Solutions for Tile & Grout Cleaning & Restoration.

Our Promise to You

  • To provide results that exceed client expectations
  • To furnish outstanding service and communication
  • To provide expert technicians using specially formulated eco-products

Race against time

Gradiant Shield is an overnight service.

A technician’s work schedule begins after traditional working hours on designated surfaces so they will be ready by the next morning, sparing your tenants from interruptions. Safe and valuable way to increase tenant retention.

Attention to Detail

  • To mask off all non-treatable areas to avoid contamination
  • Our multi-step process restores grout and tile to its original beauty
  • To create safe, sanitary and beautiful surfaces

Solving these dirty tile and grout problems reduces tenant complaints.
Over 60% of all building complaints originate from restroom issues.